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Welcome to the farm!  We have been waiting for you.  Please take the time to explore our website to familiarize yourself with all the cool things we have to offer.  We wear a lot of different hats here on the farm.  The Colwell Farm, also known as The William Colwell House, dates back to 1765.  My partner Kim and I are lucky enough to be the current stewards of this wonderful place.  The farm is 14 plus acres of farmland and typical center chimney house with a Greek Revival doorway and a long addition at the east, several 19th century outbuildings including a barn, shed, tinsmith shop, and a wash house.  The house was built by William Colwell on land purchased in 1765.  Aseph Saunders, the 19th century owner, was a prosperous farmer and is buried in the cemetery across the fields.  In 1895, perhaps a few years earlier, Ora Clemence lived here and he was a pedlar and tinsmith and his shop adjoins the woodshed.

Just as this farm has been a lot of different things to the many that have lived here we also do a lot of different things on the farm.  Noah's Suitcase makes its home here at the farm.  Noah's Suitcase, owned by Kim Richards Mast, is a wonderful business dedicated to creating fine dog coats, safety vests, and toys for cats and dogs.  Kim, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate, is always coming up with new dog coat designs and concepts to keep our canine friends happy and warm.  Many times she has clothing, totes, etc. for the dog's owner as well. Whatever she makes is a piece of art.  

Colwell Farm is the boarding facility for horses.  Specializing in equine geriatric care for our aging friends.  Pastures and paddocks dot the landscape and the horses live a wonderful stress free life here.  The barn can house up to seven horses.  A small scale boarding facility offering quality care customized to each horses individual needs.  We also provide board for dogs on a limited basis so we are able to provide top quality care.  Providing a cage free environment with individual care and exercise we board only one or two dogs at a time.  Walkies on the farm keep our "campers" very happy!  With over 40 years of experience in both horses and dogs we take care of all the animals personally to ensure the quality of care they deserve.

The newest venture that we are undertaking is the Herb & Perennial shed.  The farm over the years has had many gardener's in residence and at one time a thriving herbal business made its home here.  The plantings are rich and abundant.  The compost from the barn certainly helps with that!  You will find a partial list of plants available on The Farm page.   So in our spare time we will be building the herb and perennial business to round out our lives and help to enrich yours.

Thank you for the opportunity to share a little of our life with you and your animals! Please contact us with any questions you may have.  Enjoy! 

Warmest Regards,

Tammie Cunningham
Kim Richards Mast

Calendar of Events 2017

We will be adding a new show to our line-up this year!  Codman House Estates Fine Arts & Crafts show held on Sept. 9th in Lincoln, Ma. on the beautiful grounds of this Historic New England property.  Codman House 34 Codman Rd. Lincoln, Ma. 01773. We hope to see you!

The Rhode Island School of Design Fall Sale is Oct. 7th this year.  Held on Benefit St. in Providence, R.I. Always a great sale!  This sale is rain or shine!Come join us for a great Fall sale.

Offering a return engagement at the 35th Roseland Cottage Show in Woodstock, Ct.  also in October on the 14th & 15th,  10:00 am - 4:30 pm.  Perfect location with over 175 juried artisans. Held rain or shine! Roseland Cottage Rt. 169, Woodstock, Ct.                                                                                                                                                                                           If there is a show you would like us to attend please feel free to contact us with vendor information.  Tri-state area only please we have too many animals to care for to go farther than that.

If you miss us you can always find us on the farm! Just give us a call at Noah's Suitcase 401-647-4500,  or email us at

Good luck to all this show season!